• Josh Kamuhanda

Penn State Alum Attacks Player's Hair

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Jonathan Sutherland, a safety on Penn State’s football team, received letter from an alumnus, calling his signature locks “awful hair.” Players are calling the letter racist and unacceptable.

(Photo by @_groovy55/Twitter)

What’s your take on the whole thing? Is the letter egregious or justified? Would you invite someone with Sutherland’s hair to represent your brand?

In their first game since the letter was exposed, Penn State players, fans and alums alike took a stand against the author. During pre-game warm-ups, players wore shirts embracing stigmas while boasting diversity. Team officials confiscated them.

According to a Penn State spokesperson, "While we are supportive of our students expressing themselves in a thoughtful manner, they are expected to wear team-issued apparel on game day. We asked our students to remove the shirts out of an abundance of caution for NCAA compliance."

Even if the shirts are non-compliant, is the message valid? Sports have been a way to expose some stigmas as harmless and misunderstood for decades.

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