• Bria Wearren

Lloyd Unplugged: An Evening at The Howard Theatre

It’s Saturday night and the sidewalk is bustling with people shuffling in and out of the local bars. Traffic is bumper to bumper and the line going into The Howard Theatre is wrapped around the building, with fans patiently waiting until they can make it inside. I think it can go without saying that Lloyd has some of the most loyal fans. Besides braving the somewhat chilly weather outside, they have stuck by the singer’s side through the ups and downs of his career. It has been three years since the singer has returned to the scene from his five-year hiatus and the reunion he has been met with nothing but love. He started off the evening with some of the well-known hits such as Southside, Hey Young Girl, and Valentine, you know the

ones that you sang imaging that your crush or even Lloyd himself was singing the lyrics directly to you. And that's exactly how it felt as he performed on stage in such an intimate setting. Whether you were on the floor at a table or up in the balcony or standing all the way in the back, it felt as if he was singing directly to you. What was most enjoyable was when he got to his comeback hit Tru he led in with a backstory on how it came to be and what it means to be true, true to himself and to us. Most importantly he reminded us that we need to remember to be true to ourselves and reminded us that no matter what we are going through and where we are on our journey, we will make it through and come out even stronger on the other side.

Even though the evening was slow and low key, he wasn’t going to go without turning up for us one time. Before we departed he got the crowd moving with Caramel (sans City Girlz) and closed out with Get It Shawty, which took everything in me to not dance like I was at my middle school spring fling.

Overall, it was a wonderful, intimate evening listening to some acoustic renditions of hits from Lloyd. One gripe I did have with this evening (that was no one’s fault but my own) is the fact that even with my heels on I still struggled to see over the general admission crowd, envying those who had the right idea to get a table. I have learned my lesson and will plan accordingly for the next evening at The Howard Theatre, and I urge you to consider doing the same, especially if you really want to maximize the evening. Other than that, I look forward to the next evening I spend at The Howard Theatre. Be sure to check out their event calendar online to see the upcoming shows and events!