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MedTalk: Can you Contract STDS From Sitting on a Public Toilet?

Did you know that September was Sexual Health Awareness Month? Like many Americans, you probably had no idea that Labor Day was during Sexual Health Awareness Month. In its honor, Let’s Get Checked commissioned a sexual health awareness and knowledge survey conducted by One Poll. With 2000 sexually active Americans as the respondents, the survey’s results brazenly highlighted Americans’ lack of knowledge on sexual health. According to the results, 81% of respondents consider themselves knowledgeable about sexual health, in spite of answering even basic sex education questions wildly incorrectly.

Can you contract STDS from sitting on a public toilet? Can you get an STD by sharing a glass of water? What are some of those burning questions that you’ve always been too scared to ask your friends out loud? We cover them all during our MedTalk discussion. Even more interesting, learn how misinformed Americans are about safe sexual practices, sexually transmitted diseases, and testing for STDS. Get in on the action and test your knowledge about your sexual health by clicking the episode link below at the 22 minute mark:

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