• Bria Wearren

Watchlist: Netflix's Dead to Me

If you like your dark comedies with a large helping of female leads, then clear your schedule with and run through the debut season of Netflix’s Dead to Me. Christina Applegate and Lisa Cardinelli are a powerhouse duo and are sure to keep you entertained. Christina Applegate plays Jen, a widow who lost her husband in a hit and run. Jen, a quick tempered and not here for your crap real estate agent, is devastated by the loss of her husband. She tirelessly and unconventionally tries to solve the case on her own due to the lack of involvement from the police. While attending a grief support group, Jen meets Judy played by Lisa Cardenelli, and that is really where the fun begins. Judy and Jen couldn’t be more polar opposites, she is sweet, caring, understanding, and tries to see the good in every situation. Even from the start, Judy is seen as a character shrouded in mystery, and the season unfolds we get to see a more real and raw look at each of the women and their demons. Without giving away too much, this friendship is going to be tested and with each scene, will leave you on the edge. What impressed me the most about this show is the realness and raw emotion exhibited by Applegate and Cardinelli. Also, I was very captivated by how they portrayed actual emotions and not the singular controlled acting we are used to seeing on television. It made watching them even more entertaining and actually gave life and depth to their characters. It was funny without being corny and cringey. Your emotions will be taken on a ride watching Dead to Me but it might just be worth the risk. You can find all of season 1 streaming on Netflix, but be cautious it is rated TV-MA, so it may not be suitable for all ages.

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