• Bria Wearren

Cardi B Facing Backlash After Admitting to Drugging and Robbing Men as a Stripper


Invasion of Privacy' rapper Cardi B is finding herself being caught up in the "cancel culture" of the internet after a video of her resurfaced from three years ago. She took to Instagram Live to express her frustrations of critics claiming that she didn't deserve her success. In her rant, she recounted life before the fame and before she blew up as the artist we know to day.

It is no surprise that she took to social media to call out her "haters", as she is known for not being one to bite her tongue, but what she said in the live has some spectators do a double take. In the video she is seen talking about life as a stripper and "what she had to do to survive" including drugging and robbing men who wanted to have sex with her. Once social media caught wind of this, it prompted the creation of #SurvivingCardiB, which is taking from the documentary about sexual assault allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly, which premiered earlier this year.

Should Cardi B be held accountable for the crimes she committed? Some Twitter users feel that this whole situation is blown out of proportion, especially since what she said is no different from what her male counterparts in the rap game rap about, with one user even saying "y'all knew she was 'bout that life." Fair point but the difference between a penned rap and an Instagram Live video, a song cannot be used as an admission of guilt since it's a creative work. Many times criminals have been caught through bragging on social media about a crime they committed after the fact.

When the story broke there were no victims that have spoken out. But as of recently, Kevin Smith has claimed that he was drugged and raped by Cardi. Smith said this when recounting the incident:

"I was in New York about five years ago training and my trainer suggested we go to a strip club. Normally, I would’ve turned him down but this time I decided to go. So, boom, we go to the strip club and I meet Cardi, I’m feeling her and convinced her to come back to the room with me to have a drink. I’d been drinking already so I had to piss, I slid to the bathroom and came back and finished off my drink”

"Last thing I remembered was she was twerking on me, music blasting and that was it. The next morning, I saw a used condom on the floor and then I noticed all the cash I had which was about $850, my Louis Vuitton belt and my iPod touch was missing. I tried calling her several times but i soon realized she gave me a google voice number.”

After this started picking up attention many believe that he is doing it for money and fame but Smith says that he has no plans of pressing charges or pursuing the case. Of course with any high profile case, there comes a lot of scrutiny from all sides, which unfortunately makes it harder for victims to speak out. He continues about the incident:

"I know she did it but I couldn’t prove it so I never went to file charges mainly because I did not want my fiancée at the time to know what had happened so I took my ‘L’. I can’t lie, it was certainly traumatizing and as a man, you never want to admit you were taken advantage of. No man wants to say #MeToo”.

This is still developing and will be updated when new information is available.