• Bria Wearren

The Spill on Black History: Nija Charles

If you had have a guess about who pens todays hits, including Grammy award winning albums, what person comes to mind? Do you guys think its the artist themselves or do you think they have someone behind the scenes helping them out? Do you think of someone with a little more years on them or maybe someone around your age? Let me tell you about Nija Charles, a young black female who is quickly making a name for herself in the songwriting industry. At just 21 years old and having started her career less than 3 years ago, she already have a couple of major musical milestones under her belt. She has worked with artist such as Beyonce and Jay-Z on their joint album Everything is Love, 21 Savage, Meek Mill and more. She even had a part in the rap Album of the Year Invasion of Privacy. She went from making beats in her spare time while in school to make beats and hits in the music studios of LA with big names. Today, she continues to solidify her place and make a space for women in this male dominated industry. Talk about Black Girl Magic! Go show Nija some love on social media and tell her HYPE! sent you! Twitter: @amnija_ Instagram: @amnija_

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