• Bria Wearren

The Rundown

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are back at again with their so called beef and honestly it couldn’t get anymore messier! Not only have they rocked the entertainment world but they are shaking up the fashion industry as well! There have been a lot of commentators and participants in this messy beef such as 50 cent Iggy Azalea and Little Mix as well as Steve Madden and Wilhelmina CEO Bill Wackermann. Can't wrap your head around check out this article for some clarity and let us know if y'all think its beef or tofu. Speaking of 50 Cent ,he gets the award for the pettiest man of the year. He apparently bought 200 of the front row seats to Ja Rule’s concert so that the front would be empty. $3000 to burn on tickets just to spite someone. What a life and a wallet. Megyn Kelly is apparently out at NBC after the abrupt cancellation of her morning show on the network following her blackface comment. Are you surprised or did you see that coming? The Rundown wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our boy Kanye. But we are talking about him for a different reason. Apparently he is distancing himself from politics. Stop the presses, WHAT!? Kanye has seen the light after Candace Owens calls for a Black Exodus from the Democratic Party calling it Blexit which is painfully ironic considering its an adoption of Brexit and we all know how well thats going. I know what you all are thinking? What about his beautiful friendship with Trump? Have no fear he has no plans of stepping away from that.

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