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What’s a BADDIE to a BOSS? What’s a BOSS to a BADDIE?

We all know how important our 20 somethings are. The transition from school to adulthood can be an overwhelming challenge for most of us. Well, there’s help! I had the honor of chatting with girl bosses Sade Ayodele and Sydney Chandler. These beauties bring women together who want to successfully navigate their careers and entrepreneurial journey. This August, their organizations took on Tulum, Mexico for a life-changing retreat. There, they celebrated womanhood, grew personally, professionally and explored the beauty of Mexico. How cool! They also filled me in on the exclusive events that they had for the participants. From scavenger hunts, to pool parties, Mexico was not ready for what the girls had to bring.

All great brands have an amazing testimony for their successes. Sade shared the story of how she was able to conquer the pressure of being a black millennial and using that to empower women and curate a successful brand. “The B is for Boss started in 2017. I was at a point in my career where I started having success at my job in corporate america. I also had close friends who reached out to me and I began helping them with their resumes and pay negotiations. From there, they started landing jobs in top markets. The funny thing is, it took me a long time to find a job, not due to lack of success, but typically because black people don’t have a deep history of family that help us break into certain fields. So, I began sharing these things with people. Now I help women search for careers (more so consulting), also hosting women’s networking events at least once a month. I decided this will not be like the traditional networking opportunity. I want to make this personal.”

Ms. Sydney Chandler shared a similar story about the destiny of her brand. “I started The Baddie Brunch series in January 2016. It’s so amazing how it started out with my close friends getting all dressed up really cute and just networking within my circle to connect everyone. The goal was to bring all my friends from different backgrounds in one setting because they were all so dope! This social experiment turned into a brand within itself. The Baddie Brunch is not your typical uptight brunch. At The Baddie Brunch, we open up, get to know each other on a personal level and relax in a safe space. I host brunches in Dallas, Austin, Houston and now Mexico.”

These bosses are living proof of how mindset can help you navigate and discover your true purpose in life. It’s as easy as accepting your surroundings and utilizing the tools that are handed to you to your benefit. Of course, we all face hardships when battling with what we want to be, but Sade shared something we all can relate to. “I often face an ongoing battle of balancing my 9-5 with my everyday life. Public relation is a very demanding job. I face a lot of pressure where I feel like there is literally not enough time in a day. On top of time management, I find myself having to push deadlines back, prioritizing my life and overall it creates a lot of stress. I had to learn how to ask for help and how to find time for me. Something is always going to require my attention but I’ve been learning boundaries and living out my dream.”

Women have a powerful way of uplifting each other and connecting on a personal level. We all battle with the same things, but may often feel alone. Sydney mentioned how important it is for us to speak up, put ourselves first and always have a place to go for relaxation. Brands like “The B is for Boss” and “The Baddie Brunch” make it easy for us to step outside of our comfort zone and build relationships with like-minded individuals. Make sure to follow @thebaddiebrunch on Instagram and visit the website baddiebrunch.com. Also, follow @thebisforboss on instagram and visit thebisforboss.com to find more events and opportunities to network.

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