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A Behind-The-Scenes Chat With Artist Jaquae

From the daily news we consume to reality tv, we all have our favorite shows and stories to follow. These outlets contribute to our everyday views of life. Lucky for us, Jaquae, an artist and public figure, gave us a sneak peak into his life from a selfless perspective.

Jaquae has some exciting projects coming up. Not only did he just release a new mixtape, he just recently signed an exclusive deal with Sean John. His work is scheduled to premiere in Macy’s nationwide.

“It’s a huge blessing to experience hard work paying off. I’m thankful for all the blessings I’ve received. I started out promoting and branding myself, said Jaquae. “I went through the bad boy era but I used it to learn the game. I took full control of every opportunity.”

Jaquae’s newly released single “Shake Sumn’” is the new anthem, especially for ladies getting ready for a night out. Jaquae expressed his frustration with club goers constantly being glued to their phones

We asked Jaquae what inspired this new song. “To be honest, I was tired of going out and everyone so occupied on their phones or trying to be cool. I wanted to stay away from the mumble rap genre and show this generation we can still enjoy ourselves and not judge each other. Why spend money for a night out, just to be bored? I figured the ladies would bring everyone out to the dance floor and we can take it back to B.E.T. after dark!”

What’s so dope about Jaquae, is the fact that he’s so relatable. A young, African-American male from South Carolina, who used his platform to exceed to greater heights.

Jaquae is passionate about the younger generation and the steps they need to take to succeed, “I’d say work to your fullest potential. This means study your craft and perfect it, promote yourself and form a strong enough team to support you. Everyone should be assigned a job and responsibility. Practice, practice, practice. Hard work pays off”.