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The Influentials: Jahylin McKee

Life As Jahylin

In a world of many creatives, there’s always a brilliant mind and power behind the person. We had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Jahylin McKee, a public relations and social media specialist.

It’s always amazing to hear the stories behind the journey to success. Jahylin explained what the beginning phase of her career was like. “Long story short, I graduated May 2017 with a job offer in technology, due to my tech based experience. I worked with Human Resources but deep down I always knew I had a passion for PR. My major was public relations and marketing. Right after graduation, I declined a job offer and decided to risk it all in New York. My home girl had her couch for me to sleep on and I would figure it out from there. Believe it or not, I moved with all graduation money and two bags. Over time, I ended up working a gig at Hot 97.5 for Summer Jam, and that turned into a job. From there, I began working for different people in the industry. My first real stab at the industry was working directly with rapper Remy Ma as her Social Media Manager. Now, I’ve started my own public relations agency, specializing in growth and development across all fields. This includes freelance projects at both New York and LA Fashion Week to name a few".

We asked Jahylin what her proudest moment would be during her journey. “My proudest moment would be jumping into the industry when you’re young, head first and inexperienced. People take advantage of that. It becomes hard to speak up and know your worth, but it's so rewarding tapping into your potential and putting your foot down”. Jahylin also made a statement of advice for people wanting to take that leap of faith. “Outwork everyone. Go that extra mile".

“I would like to shoutout my roommate Ulyssa and Tony, giving me that chance and that coach. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I would also like to acknowledge my mentors both Ashley Washington and Marcelle English. They have played a pivotal role in my professional development. And lastly, my Queen sisters, Kayla, She, J, Ki, Lex and Benny. I'm nothing without my support system".

For PR Services/Social Media related questions, visit www.iamjahylinmckee.com

Also, Follow her on Instagram @lifeasjahylin.

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