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Wizards Defeat Boston in Double Overtime 125-124!

BOSTON-- With the Celtics missing most of their star players Wednesday night, Washington easily could have placed this game in their back pocket and headed back home with a victory.

Unfortunately, Boston gave them a run for their money.

It seemed as though the Wizards didn’t learn from the two previous games, as the first half consisted of repeated mistakes. With the Celtics starting off on a 9-2 run early in the game, Washington struggled to keep up. Jayson Tatum and Marcus Morris both delivered for Boston Wednesday night keeping the Wizards on their toes and in their trail. Tatum scored 19 points while Morris helped the team hit 85.7 percent from the three-point line. Washington was down 14 points in the first quarter which increased going into the second.

The Wizards continued to apply pressure forcing as many fouls as they could to pull them out of their hole as Boston held the lead, 55-36, with only five minutes remaining before the half. Markieff Morris began to sweep the Celtics under the rug scoring seven points to close the gap between Boston by 12, while Washington’s defense held them off keeping them from scoring any more points before halftime.

When the Wizards came back from the locker room their dynamic changed.

The determined Bradley Beal completed his jumper closing the Wizards trail by one point. Coming from a Celtics timeout, Satoransky gets called on a personal foul handing Boston two free shots furthering their lead. Beal trying to close out, misses his 27-foot three-pointer, but is saved by the team who grabbed the offensive rebound.

Whether it was pure luck or strategic thinking, Coach Scott Brooks’ decision on taking Satoransky out and bringing Jodie Meeks in was literally a game changer.

As Marcus Morris eyes followed the inbound ball, he sprints over to guard Otto Porter Jr. allowing Meeks, who was left wide open in the corner, to accept the assist and beautifully glide the ball to the basket.

Nothing but net.

“Man, I was thinking, ‘what the hell you are thinking Otto?’,” said Beal on Meeks game tying three-point shot. “One of those moments you were like ‘ahhhh’ and then you were like yeah!’ It was a great IQ play. Lifesaver of the game.”

The end of the fourth quarter buzzer signaled another chance for the Wizards to take home this desperately needed win.

Struggling in the first two minutes of overtime, Washington found their flow and connected the ball with the basket giving them the first lead. In less than 30 seconds, Boston retaliated by closing their former three-point deficit to one. The Wizards’ defense held their ground before Jayson Tatum spun off of Porter driving to the basket collecting two points and drawing the foul tying the game 115-115. A chance for Boston to end it all.

The game was in Washington’s favor as Tatum misses his 1 of 1 free throw shot, extending the game into double overtime.

The Wizards take this third opportunity and run with it. After taking the lead again, Washington holds Boston to a six-point trail. The Celtics step their game up with Greg Monroe finishing his layup and Terry Rozier linking his three-point basket.

Only one-minute left in the game, Boston down by one, Tatum tries to redeem himself by shooting a three, but misses. As the final buzzer ranged throughout the arena, the exhausted Wizards’ walk off the court in fulfillment.

“It tested who we were as a team,” Beal stated according to ESPN. “They came out and played a lot harder than we did the first half. I definitely credit my teammates. We did a good job of staying poised and battling.”

Washington gets to carry this successful win back home and have a two-day break before hosting the Indiana Pacers Saturday Night.

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