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HYPE! Spotlight: Cleo & Coco--  A Natural Body Care Line

Takoma Park residents and natural body care lovers alike, HYPE! Radio has got you covered on the next body care line you need to add to your beauty bag!

Cleo&Coco, founded by Suzannah Raf, is an all natural deodorant line manufactured in the States. With its all natural ingredients that are suitable for men and women, you are bound to love every part of their carefully crafted product.

Free of parabens, sulfites, aluminum and gluten, the line is meant to strip users of the toxic synthetics and chemicals that are usually found in one’s body products. In fact, most deodorants contain aluminum as their main ingredient-- a component that overtime can have a negative impact. Over the counter deodorants as such can block one’s sweat glands, thus blocking the body’s ability to sweat. According to Raf, sweating is a natural process to detox and get rid of our toxins and bacterias.

Rather than having toxic build up and hormone disruptors, product lines like Cleo&Coco allow a natural sweat release, without having to deal with the (smelly) side effects of sweating.

The line carries a charcoal deodorant, as well as a detox dusting powder that can double as a dry shampoo. Whether you’re going for a spin class, going to work or hanging out in the dessert Cleo&Coco can work for you. With the right combination of magical ingredients: activated charcoal and benzanite clay, you can be confident that all those messy toxins, odors and wetness will be a thing of the past.

Their antibacterial properties and scents make it evident that natural deodorants are a necessary step in a healthy life. Found Raf reminds us, "Since the industrial revolution, we have been so unaware. We spent an entire century creating chemivals and products and manifactoing synthetic things in facroties when really everything that we needed can be found in nature. It's so much healthier and better for us."


Founder Raf had a knack for working with essential oils and after sometime of playing with different formulas she was able to come up with a winning formula that’s gone as far to make it to Allure Magazine's Top 10 Green Beauty Brands for 2018.

“It’s a movement!,” said Raf. “It’s becoming more aware of what you are putting on your body."

Cleo&Coco encourages us all to take that fist step towards a healthier, happier and cleaner way of life. For more information on their products and founder Raf, be sure to head to their site.

Happy sweating HYPE! listeners. x

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