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March for Our Lives

Although we aim to keep content positive and uplifting here at HYPE! this matter is too important not to discuss. The devastating Parkland school shooting that took place just last Wednesday has continued the fight for gun reform this country has faced for years. A 19-year-old former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school opened fire on his former classmate’s minutes before the final bell rang, killing 17 and injuring many more.

School shootings are nothing new for America as there have been several in the last few years, the deadliest being the Sandy Hook Shooting that killed 26 people, most of them under the age of six. This issue is often blamed on the mental illness of the perpetrator however it runs much more deeply than that, it is an issue of guns. These tragedies have sparked a movement for gun reform which is now being led by the high school students of Stoneman Douglas. These awe-inspiring teens have taken to twitter and news, demanding change. Student and survivor Emma Gonzalez spoke out on the corrupt, or lack of gun laws in the United States. She bashes Trump along the way, criticizing his acceptance of donations from the NRA during his 2016 presidential run. Emma Gonzalez and kids just like her have planned to March on Washington in late March in hopes to see some real change. Many students and public figures have posted about their plans to attend the march in hopes of gun reform.

Because of students like Emma, the possibility that the United States will experience e real change on this grave issue. Looks promising. Children and teens are paving way for a new beginning and a better and safer future. I will be attending the “March for our Lives” next month making my voice heard and demanding change. Stay tuned for my next article covering the march.

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