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HYPE’s Spotlight: DMV Artist Krystle Maria

A dental student by day and musical artist by night, Krystle Maria is redefining what it means to be a go-getter. Since dropping her first mixtape in 2014 titled ‘This Is Good Hair,' Krystle has been non-stop creating hip-hop pop tracks that HYPE! Radio can’t get enough of. With a new single featuring Rico Nasty, Krystle is well on her way to being the next big artist out of the DMV. Lucky for us, we got to chat with the Maryland native before she goes A-list.

Mariah Espada: How do you balance being a dentist by day and musical artist by night?

Krystle Maria: Honestly, it was tough at first. At first I had to really just wait for my school breaks to focus on my music. Luckily now that I’m in my last year, I have more flexibility-- it is a lot easier and I'm able to do more.

ME: Where do you get inspiration for your music?

KM: I get my inspiration from the people around me and from past experiences that I've lived through.

ME: Thoughts on DMV artists? Any favorites?

KM: I love my fellow DMV artist. I think we are all very talented and we have so much to offer the world musically. Seeing that Gold Link and Shy Glizzy were nominated for a Grammy was so inspiring…. like we’re almost there! I love all the close people around me. Jelani Kwesi. My besties Rellik and D. Spell. My whole BMC family. My musical sister Britney Marie-- she’s super dope!

ME: What motivates you to do it all?

KM: I’m the only one that I know doing this. That just makes me go even harder. It motivates me to go in even more. I don’t really feel the pressure most times, I just motivate myself. I’m like “Oh yeah, I can do this. I got it.”

ME: Importance of supporting local/independent artists?

KM: [It’s] so important! We need to understand that coming together creates a movement that the DMV and independent artist need to have. There’s no love like the love you get from your home city.

ME: Favorite song you've made thus far and why?

KM: I recently made this rock song. It’s not out yet, but I love that song. What I wrote just took me back to a dark time in my life and I'm lucky to be able to just release that negative energy through music. I also experimented with my voice and challenged myself. I did things I never knew I could do…. I can’t wait till the world hears it.

ME: Any new music we should be looking out for?

KM: Absolutely! Take a listen to my current single "Legit" featuring Rico Nasty. It’s available everywhere.

ME: What is your message from your music? What do you want people to take away?

KM: I want people to be able to play any of my songs for all their different moods. I have songs to have fun and party and then I have relationship songs you can relate to… I just want people to be able to pick any of my songs and vibe out.

My message is life in general. Whether it’s just a “feel good” vibe or something to get you through that relationship or situationship that bought you down. I want the younger generation to look up to me and know you could be a doctor and make music. We’re only on this earth once. I'm just trying to change and raise the bar for artist.

I want kids to know they can do whatever they want to do in life. Don’t be afraid to just be in a box and that you can only do one thing. If you want to be an artist in the music industry, you can also be a doctor and get your degree. We are only here once. Don’t be afraid to achieve it all in this life!

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